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31st Street Studios
: production

We have the capabilities and commitment to the entertainment industry and to servicing all projects with the full compliment of all our resources.

Filmed in Pittsburgh

The Fray

In conjunction with Walmart Soundcheck and T-Mobile The Fray Music Production Sound Stages,...

Those Who Kill

A&E Television Networks, Imagine Television and Fox21, “Those Who Kill” Created...

Jack Reacher

Paramount Studios, “Jack Reacher” Directed by Christopher McQuarrie Starring Tom...

Supah Ninjas

Nickelodeon and Empire City Productions, “Supah Ninjas” (Season 2) Created by: Eric...

Locke & Key

“Locke & Key” Directed by Mark Romanek Starring Sarah Bolger, Jesse McCartney,...


Lionsgate, “Abduction” Directed by John Singleton Starring Taylor Lautner, Lily...


Lions Gate Films, “Warrior” Directed by Gavin O ‘Conner Starring Tom Hardy, Joel...

I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 489

Teamsters Local No. 249


Location and Contact

For employment opportunities or internships please visit our contact page.

Phone412 228 0231

Address77 31st Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Why Film in Pittsburgh?

Karen Lovell

Why would anyone want to film in Pittsburgh – why wouldn’t anyone want to film in Pittsburgh??? With such a diverse arena of architecture, neighborhoods and seasons – you can be anywhere your imagination wants to take you! Crew? – we have enough talent in Pittsburgh to crew up several shows at one time – from construction to wrap, we have the experience your production is looking for all in one place! Seasoned filmmakers just waiting for your production to come to town. Join us and let us show you what Pittsburgh can do for you!!!

Karen Lovell
Hairstylist – Film and Television
Member I.A.T.S.E. Local 798

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