77 31st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Phone: 412 228 0231

Production & Property Manager 


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Already a leader in production services, as well as studio development and management, 31st Street Studios has all of the capabilities and commitment to the entertainment industry, and to servicing all projects with the full compliment of 31st Street Studios’ many resources and vast network in real estate and entertainment. An old steel mill, the structure has been around for decades, but made its debut as a Film Production Studio in 2011. North River Pittsburgh I, LLC, a New York City based Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development Firm, purchased the property in late 2017 with plans to continue expanding its growth and success in the entertainment industry and beyond.

The 31st Street Studio facility is located within Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, down the street from Lawrenceville, and only minutes away from the cultural heart of downtown Pittsburgh. The studio is a 30-minute drive from the Pittsburgh International Airport, and even closer to its major universities and trade schools including the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Point Park University, and Pittsburgh Filmmakers.The studio is also a center where educators can exchange ideas with professionals, passing on the industry’s latest developments and demands to the next generation of media moguls. This ensures a steady supply of skilled crew and technicians, as well as brilliant creatives who define the future of the industry. Perhaps most importantly, the studio is surrounded by neighborhoods and towns that provide a diverse geographical and aesthetic backdrop for on-location aspects of production. This studio complex houses both union and non‐union entities (thereby taking advantage of the 60% of production in the five surrounding states that is nonunion), allowing it to collaborate with professionals in the business without excluding aspiring entities.

With around 250,000 square feet of studio space on 8 acres of riverfront property, the uses of the facility are endless. If Film Production is dormant, the studio is open to accommodate clients of all interests. Scientific research and development, special events and concerts, storage and office space, and more. The unique industrial space can be used for endless purposes.

Pittsburgh has been a favorite destination of film production since the 1940′s because of its diverse topography, interesting architecture, and economic work atmosphere. Over the past decade, Pittsburgh has made headlines as the new Hollywood of the East due to its incomparable tax credits, enthusiastic community, and outstanding talent. Movie and Television Production Companies have brought over one billion dollars into Southwestern Pennsylvania with over 135 feature films and TV programs being filmed in our region (revenue quoted from Pittsburgh Film Office statistics). Why film in Pittsburgh? The better question, is why not?